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    Fishing Adventures

River & Estuary

The southern Wild Coast is graced with some of the most untouched river and estuary systems in the country which offer a diverse range of productive fishing options. The wide variety of habitats in the estuaries range from deep rocky ledges to large sand and mudbanks, tidal river mouths, reed-lined channels and more. This selection of feeding grounds and ambush spots attracts a vast array of exciting fish species. Using a combination of freshly collected bait and tried and tested artificial lures we can target many thrilling angling species all year round. You have a chance to encounter line stripping garrick/leervis and pignose grunter/steenie alongside the light tackle delights of spotted grunter and river bream with heavy hitting kob and tackle busting river snapper making up just a portion of the area’s species list.

Morgan Bay Lagoon

  • 2-3 hours from R600 pp | Perfect for kids and beginners
  • Physical Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Great Kei River

  • 4-5 hours from R750 pp | A very flexible trip on tidal waters
  • Physical Difficulty: 3.5 out of 5

Double Mouth

  • 4-5 hours from R850 pp | Off the beaten track and unspoiled location
  • Physical Difficulty: 4 out of 5