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    Fishing Adventures

Rock & Surf Fishing

The southern Wild Coast is one of the premium land-based fishing destinations in South Africa offering a huge variety of exciting species in a vast selection of spectacular fishing spots. The fishing season lasts all year long in this part of the world and there is always an abundance of life in the waters. Depending on conditions it is possible to target many highly sought after angling species including edibles such as kob, silver steenbras/musselcracker, pignose grunter/steenies, black steenbras, shad/elf, bluefish, galjoen, yellowtail, garrick/leervi,s as well a,s arm stretching non-eds like ragged tooth sharks, zambezi/bull sharks, bronze whalers, hammerheads, diamond rays, duckbill rays and many more.


From R 950 per person | 3-4 hours

Physical difficulty: 2 to 3 out of 5

The difficulty level of this trip is very flexible and can be arranged to suit almost any fitness and experience level.


From R 1 250 per person | 8-10 hours

Physical difficulty: 4 out of 5

This tour is recommended for the serious and/or enthusiastic anglers as it is a long day out and we are likely to move between spots during the day.